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 17.05.2018 12:13

    NEURC publish typical domestic consumption of gas by households in 2017

NEURC continue the policy of informing and interaction with energy consumers.


We provide the information on volumes of average natural gas consumption by household consumers in 2017, giving the possibility to estimate the following:

  • Own natural gas consumption volumes compared to similar customers’ consumption for the same needs in Ukraine and in particular region;
  • Reasonability for substituting one energy resource with another to reduce the overall payment.

Consumption by type of usage in 2017 was divided into four groups equal to 25% each. In the defined groups average consumption volume was calculated as follows:

  • Per square meter of a heating area for the month of heating season and per one registered person for the month of non-heating season;
  • Depending on a heating area of houses in heating and non-heating seasons.

NEURC will continue monitoring this information and update it once a year or as soon as any significant changes take place.


Gas typical domestic consumption in 2017